Monday, February 28, 2011

Shape Shifter

I am amazed every day by the changes my body goes through. It seems like my body changes shape every day. Of course, the baby is growing quite a bit and that accounts for some of it, but these changes are daily.

My belly button is gone. I have an inney an it has disappeared. Since I have 12 weeks left, it is likely to become an outey...what the heck? I never knew this would happen. Really, my belly button changes...geez!

My breasts have gotten HUGE! I think Buddy the Elf would call them ginormous. I need to buy new bras just to make it through the pregnancy, not to mention buying the nursing bras after the baby is born. Not only have they grown, but my boobs have totally changed shape, too. I'm sure my parents who read this blog daily are thrilled that I have shared this information, but it is so strange.

Also, my skin is all scaly and dry. I assume some of that is moving from a humid to a drier climate. But, I slather with lotion, and still. I've now purchased cremes that are thick and kind of gloppy. Hopefully, they will help some.

My appetite is back. I am hungry all the time. Sadly, with the diabetes, I am limited to what I can eat. And all I seem to want to eat are fruits. I'm dying for a jug of orange juice, and I can't have it.

My moods are all over the place. I can go from happy to sullen in like five seconds. I can switch it around as quickly as well.

I am starting to have backaches (not bad) and the ligaments that stretch to hold the baby and stuff hurt a pulled muscle.

You would think with all the research I have done about being pregnant and having a baby, I'd have known about some of these changes. Maybe I read about them and just focused on the baby; who knows?

I do know that my baby is about 15 inches long and weighs almost two and a half pounds. If he or she was born today, he or she would likely survive. I hope to wait a few (like 12) more weeks, though. I feel kicking and movement all the time, and am getting excited.

I still have that nagging worry that something will go wrong, but as each day passes, that worry gets smaller and smaller and smaller. I have baby showers coming up and can't wait for those. Things just seem to be coming together.

I'm not unhappy with all my body changes; in fact, I kind of like them. I look proudly at myself for getting this far and feeling as good as I have. And, I know this is all for the health and safety of the little one. I'm excited to meet him or her, but not for a few weeks. I just have so much going through my head, I don't even know what to say...

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