Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cause Ya Gotta Have Friends

My wonderfully laughter filled dinner with my good friend Shelly last night has me thinking about friendship. I have been blessed with many, many friends, some have been around for years and some are fairly new. I cherish my friends and love catching up with them, whether on Facebook, by the phone or in person. I have some friends that I exchanged holiday cards with and that's about it. I love it all!

I have lost friends through the years. When I was younger, I moved often and without all the technology we have now, lost touch with friends. I have had friends that used me to listen to their problems, but never seemed to have time for me and my problems. I had to say goodbye. These losses were never easy, but necessary to maintain balance in my life. I've had friends that have died. Even though these people are no longer my friends, they still have impacted my life.

After moving from Virginia to North Dakota, I went into friend withdrawal. I missed so many friends I had. I missed the good friends that I could call and count on to discuss whatever was on my mind. I missed the lunch friends from ODU. And I missed the friends who provided fun evenings and events. I was homesick for these friends. While I still miss them, I am starting to find new friends in Valley City and have been reconnecting with friends from Fargo, from my past.

Last night's dinner reminded me that friendships are important. I love my husband and my family, but need friends, too. My goal this semester is to build some friendships in town. I want to have a support system when the baby is born, but what I need are relationships, friendships for me, and for Roger, too.

Hold close your friends!

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