Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweaters and a Sorento

This past weekend was fun. We picked up our 2011 Kia Sorento on Friday. It is a great color--titanium silver. It looks different at different times of the day. We love it! I drove it directly to Bloomington, MN. Roger had to drive the old car (which is a pretty nice Ford Taurus). We met up with Roger's daughter and gave her the Taurus. It is nice to pass it on. We slept and drove back to Fargo, shopping along the way. The main thing I've learned about Fall in North Dakota is that you must have sweaters...many sweaters.

So, I bought three sweaters. And my first pair of UGG boots. And some long pants (it is too cold for capris here). And some long sleeved shirts for under the sweaters. I'm ready...for fall (not even close for winter!)!!

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