Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding That Routine

Roger and I have lived in North Dakota for about two months. In that time, we have spent two Saturday nights at home, and one of them was during the family reunion, so we basically slept there that Saturday night. We have enjoyed running around North Dakota and Minnesota and Wisconsin, too, to see family and enjoy in celebrations, celebrations we would have missed if we still lived in Virginia. And this is precisely why we decided to move closer to home (well, and that job thing!).

We've been to our niece's college graduation, a memorial for Roger's uncle, grandparents day at Cassie's school, Cassie's birthday celebration at The Rainforest Cafe, a trip to my family's farm, dinner at 10 North Main, a drive around Lake Metigoshe, work in Bottineau, Roger got to fish on Devils Lake, wedding of a dear old friend's daughter, my birthday celebration with Auntie Karen, Uncle Harvey, Harvey and Carey (and Roger), babysitting all three grandkids in Bloomington, dinner with Roger's sisters and dad (and some others), a week with Cassie here in Valley City, a weekend at Wesley Acres with a few Kristianson's, a trip to Bismarck--Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and good food and the 4th of July at my cousin Harvey's house to meet his fiance's family. We've been able to do all this because we moved here. We are planning on a trip for my friend Gail's wedding this Friday in Minot. We'll be at the State Fair in a couple weeks. We'll be a the Blues Festival in Fargo in three weeks. Dawn will visit from Virginia and we'll head to the Badlands and Teddy Roosevelt National Park. All good things have come from our move to North Dakota.

I still miss the beaches and ache to see many of my friends, but enjoy this close family time. I've been able to meet a few new friends recently, which have helped with the transition. I like my job. It is flexible and interesting and I feel I have direct impact on whether or not students will go to college at all. I still have classes to prep for in the fall (ugh!), but look forward to teaching again. I really miss that classroom time.

Many positive things are on the horizon for Roger and I. I am thankful for the friends in Virginia who contact me in little ways on Facebook, and in bigger ways with phone calls and text messages. I am thankful for the family that allows me to be myself and enjoy time visiting. I am thankful for a permanent job that is fun and fulfills my desire to help students. I am thankful for Tessa the loud-mouth kitty. And of course, I am thankful for Roger, who amazes me every day with how much love two people can share.

I just realized I titled this post finding that routine. I guess right now, it is go with the flow, which is fine with me. When classes begin in the fall, I am quite sure that routine will find me!

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