Sunday, July 11, 2010


We've just returned from our last wedding of the summer (I think, anyway)! It was a terrific time to see old friends from my Choice Hotels International days. Gail looked beautiful and joyful. I visited with friends for a few hours, did some dancing, toasted the happy couple and returned to my parents for a relaxing evening and morning.

It was fun to see Judy, Angie, Tammy and of course Chad--oh, how I love Chad! I delighted in spending time with Judy's 11-year old daughter, Olivia (Livers) and meeting my friends significant others. I hadn't seen Bryce for years and it was nice to see him as well.

But, the highlight was certainly seeing Gail, who has finally found her happiness with Brian. The happy couple just exuded joy! Nothing is better than that.

I love to see two people share their love and commitment with family and friends. I hope that very soon, everyone will legally be able to share this with those they love. It always brings about such joy.

ps...evidently when you register at Target, sometimes things get added to your registry that are not intended, such as a Diaper Genie--I got confirmation that Gail indeed did NOT register for that--but, it was fulfilled...huh?

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