Wednesday, May 26, 2010

North Dakota Residents!

That is what we are. We have new North Dakota driver's licenses and license plates. We've been changing addresses left and right. We are here.

Roger began teaching Monday. He is learning how to teach an online course. It is different. I think he likes the flexibility in his schedule, which is nice.

I start working a week from today. I am both nervous and excited for my new job! I will be working with students transferring from Dakota College at Bottineau to Valley City State University. I will also be teaching freshman English composition. It is exciting for me!

We have spent much of our time since leaving Virginia with family. It has been so nice to be close. I do miss the beach and a few other places in Virginia, and I miss my friends terribly, but am enjoying finding a new community.

I have pictures to post, but need to find the cord for that. Yikes! We still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but we get a little done each day and will have it completed soon enough.

So, if you're ever in the area, let us know. We can't wait for company!

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