Thursday, April 8, 2010

Editing, Purging and Packing

Roger and I have begun the process of going through all our stuff before the big move, which is coming up quickly. I went through my closet once, but think another round might be in order. We have gone through our books that are for pleasure and have two large bins ready for giveaway. It was so much more difficult to get rid of books than clothes. Those decisions are difficult. Then I find that one of the books I was going to give away is good enough to fish out and read. I hope there aren't too many more of those!

My office is a huge mess and I need to get it organized. My kitchen is a mess also. It has been so hot in our apartment, I just haven't had the will to do dishes. I mostly have water glasses left to wash, but I have to sort the platters and bakery and decide what makes the move. I am happy to downsize our stuff, but it is not easy.

I finally have caught up with classes. All the exams are graded and handed in. I have some grades to post this week, but feel pretty good about the rest of the semester, at least my schedule. The students are finding all sorts of excuses to miss class, miss their speech. I need to be tougher on my policies in the future!

Roger is learning how to build robots out of Legos this weekend...I envy him a little. That sounds like fun! I miss him.

I'll be packing up the winter coats later this week...we will definitely need them in North Dakota. I still can't believe I'm returning to North Dakota. However, I will be attending the State Fair for the first time in 15 years and will see KISS with one of my best friends from high school, John! I will also be close enough to attend my friend Gail's wedding in July and my family reunion (which is just outside Valley City) in June. There are so many events and people to look forward to this summer.

I am sad to leave...sadder by the day, but excited for the next chapter in our life. Roger and I will live in a new place together...and that sounds like an adventure!

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Elizabeth said...

Moving is always bitter-sweet!
But a wonderful excuse to dump belongings you don't need.
Yes, books are much harder to get rid of than almost anything --except photos.
But your move sounds exciting too.