Friday, March 19, 2010

So Much Going On

There has been so many things blog-worthy and yet very little time to actually sit down and blog! Where to start...

I guess with the BIGGEST news; we are moving to North Dakota!! I never thought I would say this, even as a joke, but it is reality and I am extremely excited!

Roger signed a contract to work for Valley City State University on March 11th. We met my parents in Valley City during Spring Break to look for a place to live and Roger was able to sign the contracts. The job is exciting for him. He will be involved in education they way he wants. He feels he will make a great impact in Valley City. I got to meet my potential supervisor. I will be teaching adjunct, as long as there are Humanities classes available, which I am assured there will be! It was also fun driving around in the mud looking at the cutest little house that was badly in need of work. We saw a newly built apartment building, which was good size and had a dishwasher and laundry in the unit, but it was far from the campus and so new! After saying goodbye to Mom and Dad, we viewed two apartments in the Sheyenne building and fell in love! No diswasher or laundry, but hundred year old maple floors, high ceilings and walking distance to school. The kitchen is updated and large, which is good, but the bedrooms are on the small side, although big enough. The living and dining rooms are HUGE! We move in May and I cannot wait to get there and get settled. We will live only three blocks from campus, three and a half hours from Mom and Dad and four and a half hours from the Twin Cities, where Nikki and all the Skophammers live! It is exciting for us.

That means a ton of packing and organizing over the next six weeks until we are out of our apartment. Whew...see no time for blogging!

It is going to be so difficult to leave my friends in Virginia. I consider many of them family. It will be a teary two months until we leave. We finish school at ODU on April 28th and are out of the apartment soon after. We may travel to the north for a week and then return for the big wedding weekend! I am excited to be the Matron of Honor for Samantha on May 8th. My dress is ordered and I've been searching for shoes, with little luck under $100. I'm planning her shower for April 10th and have realized how soon that actually is and need to get to work!

Before we leave I am hoping to do some of the following:
See Jack's Lacrosse Game
Host one last bbq at Fran and Jim's
Eat at Luna Maya, Fellini's, Chicks, Cogans and the Taphouse...and Dog N Burger and Donut Dinette
Spend time with Josh, whose become such a handsome and lovely adult since I've met him
See Rachel's documentary about South Africa
Lunches, dinners, bands...
Spend as much time with good friends as possible!

I think of all the things I will miss, some of them dearly, and am brightened by the things I gain. I will be close to my Auntie Karen, which I will just love! I move closer to John, who has been my strongest support since high school. I will be able to see my friends easily when they travel home to North Dakota. I will see my grandchildren more often and not miss important dates in their lives. And the rest of the family on both sides will be so much closer. While this decision was not easy, both Roger and I believe it is truly the right decision.

So, after the Madness of ODU's tournament run, after the 155 persuade speeches, after the packing and hauling, after the wedding...we will be North Dakota bound...

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