Monday, July 6, 2009


After completing my Master's Thesis (and thus my Master of Arts Degree), Roger and I enjoyed a 3 day weekend. We spent Friday at the beach and watching "The International," which was a fun watch.

On Saturday, bright and early, Roger and I drove up to Washington DC to spend the 4th of July with my parents. We heard the reading of the Declaration of Independence outside the National Archives. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were there to read the list of grievances against the King of England. We saw some of the parade, took a quick walk through the Folklife Festival on the Mall and the American History Museum (I never tire of seeing Dorothy's ruby slippers). We walked to the World War II Memorial, which was bustling and fun. Mom and I checked out some of the shops in Union Station before a short rest. Then it was off to dinner and the fireworks. We heard some strains of Barry Manilow's Copacabana (which I just know Dad and Roger LOVED!!). We got a fairly good view of the fireworks, which were pretty spectacular over the Washington Monument.

Sunday, after a nice breakfast, we headed back to the National Archives. This time we went inside to see the actual documents. There is something so humbling and patriotic about seeing that piece of paper signed so many years ago. The picture above was taken while we waited to get in. We had plenty of time to get to National's Stadium before the game. It was a nice stadium. The game was fun...the Nats took an early lead and almost lost it in the top of th 9th, but thankfully, the Nats held on to beat the Braves. Yeah!

Then it was time for Roger and I to drive home. The traffic leaving the city was tight so we stopped off for a quick bite, then made good time getting home and unpacked before our bedtime of 10 p.m.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the terrific celebration. Roger and I had a wonderful time. I loved spending the 4th with my family...but, missed Nikki. I'm sure we'll all get together again soon.

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