Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yeah, We Live in Ghent!!

Ever since I moved to this area eight years ago, I have always loved the Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk. Roger and I finally live here! We found a cute two-bedroom apartment with a dining room. It has hard wood floors and a huge hall closet. It has a fairly small kitchen, the refrigerator is in the pantry, and a really, really tiny bathroom. But it is home for us right now and we love it.

We spent last night on the futon mattress and were both awake by 6 a.m. ready to get moved. We loaded most of our stuff on the truck and had it in the house by 1 p.m. Not bad. Roger did most of the carrying up the stairs, we live on the second floor, as I am getting over a cold.

Here is partially why I am so excited to live here: for lunch, I walked the block to Taste Unlimited and got a sandwich for me and salads for Roger. I then walked another block to 7-11 for Gatorade, and then home. I love this kind of life, pedestrian. Now if only ODU were still just around the corner, it would be perfect!


Anonymous said...

ODU is right around a bicycle corner though. Great to hear you are settling in. Don't worry about the bathroom, you're only there for a short time each day. And the smaller, the easier to clean!.
Happy Birthday Kate
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

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