Friday, April 10, 2009


Because of an unexpected staff change in Roger's department, he has had to teach an additional class on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 10. It is a construction class. I think he kind of likes the return to saws and hammers and such. He complains that his feet hurt though. He's trying multiple pairs of shoes to find the right ones.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend from school who told me the best news. She took today off so she and her partner could get married today at the courthouse. I love it! It is exactly what Roger and I did and I think it is terrific.

I have another friend who is pregnant, which is wonderful news, too. I love to see my friends so happy and excited.

I'm writing papers for my two classes that will eventually be morphed into chapters of my thesis. It is going okay. I've got the knowledge, the research and the drive. Now, just to put it all down on paper (or computer, as I don't actually print it out). I'm quite optimistic and happy.

I have been neglecting my other blogs. I started the cooking blog at the worst possible time as I have hardly done any real cooking. Life is just too hectic for that, and half my kitchen has been packed for moving for almost a month. The workout blog...I just don't want to write any more than is necessary. I try to keep this one updated, but have mainly been posting photos. I'm sick of writing/typing. I love walking and Roger and I play catch, tennis or frisbee for some added exercise. I'm quite proud of myself. I know many who put on 15+ pounds while writing their thesis and I am quite proud to NOT be one of them. It is hard, hard to find the time and motivation to work out and almost impossible to plan and execute healthy meals. I think it is an accomplishment if you don't gain any weight while writing these major papers. I'm not gaining, and have actually lost a couple of pounds. I'm happy.

So, with a still uncertain future, Roger and I live day by day...which suits me just fine!

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