Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brrr, I Thought It Was Spring

We've had a couple of cold days this week. After the gorgeous weekend and the slight sunburn I received while sunning outside reading, I thought spring was definitely here. But it dipped into the 30s last night. It is sunny today, but won't be too warm. I'm ready for spring...warm days, cool nights, the windows open for sleeping, eating outside, but I'll wait. Hopefully it comes soon as we are only here for one more month!

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Anonymous said...

We broke 40 yesterday!!!! During the day. It's 22 this morning. I think maybe next week we will remain above freezing. the snow is slowly going. That is good for the river flooding problems around Burlington. The projects are in trouble and we are letting students out to help fill sand bags. And believe it or not, there are may volunteers.