Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Things

A few good things, well great things, have happened this past week. On Tuesday, Cassie's birth father signed his rights away opening the door for Mike to adopt Cassie. Elise was quite nervous about it all, but it all went off without a hitch. As of Tuesday night, Mike and Elise were ready to move forward on the adoption. Mike and Elise are married. They got married quietly in order to move this process along. Soon all their last names will be Main and they will be a legal family (they are already a family). We are so happy for all of them. Cassie already calls Mike, Dad, and feels like he is her father, so the transition will be in a name change only. And, she gets to move from a difficult name, Skophammer, to an easy name, Main. I smile thinking about how happy Elise and Mike are with this legal hurdle out of the way. It is always nice to celebrate the good things in life.

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