Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Late Night

We went out last night with Pete and Jennie to celebrate our anniversary. We had a terrific dinner at The Green Onion (YUMMMMY!!). We headed over to the Taphouse to listen to the band, Rylo. Roger and I heard Rylo about a year ago and really liked their sound. One of the members of the band is a waiter at the Taphouse and Pete and Jennie know him from there. We got there early enough to snag a table. We had a couple drinks and at about 10:20, a band started. They weren't Rylo, they were The Remnants. They had a harder sound, but were pretty good. By the time they finished their set, I was exhausted, but really wanted to see Rylo. They started at midnight--I'm usually asleep by 10:30. We listened to a few songs, and then I hit the wall. We dropped Jennie and Pete off, took a shower to get rid of the smoke (Virginia did pass a smoking ban effective 6 months after we move away!) and hit the sack.

Other than being a bit tired this morning, I am quite happy. Rylo's sound is fun; I just wish we could have seen more of them. Hopefully, sometime before we leave Virginia and after I finish my thesis, they will play somewhere fun.

Roger and I both have work to do today. It seems to never, ever end!

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