Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Defiance and a Peaceful Transition

Monday night, Roger and I decided we needed to get out of the house for a break. We headed to the movie theater and had narrowed our choices down to two, Last Chance Harvey and Defiance. We went for the World War II drama, Defiance. It was very much about the spirit of people in the absolute worst time in their lives. Jews in Belarus were being murdered by the Germans and the Belarus police. Those that survived hid out in the forest for years...yes, years! It was a film about courage and horror. I am always amazed at the strength people find when they need it most. I wonder if I would have that strength...Roger says I would. It is quite unlikely that I will ever be in a situation like that, thankfully! The film opens with a terrific montage of Hitler footage, which is shown in grainy, documentary style...the film feels raw...painful.

Yesterday, as everyone in the world likely knows, the United States changed Presidents. And, I was definitely thrilled for President Bush to be leaving, I was even more excited about Obama changing roles from President-Elect to President. President Barack Obama has a great ring to it. I am proud of this country to being able to peacefully transition from party to party. There is a certain dignity to Past Presidents bearing witness to the swearing in of the new President. It shows an honor among oppositions and a grace that exists in this country. I am thankful each day I see killing in other countries that our country elects new officials and sticks with them. I may have disliked President Bush, but I always stood behind this country. The United States is made up of the people, and it is the people who decide the leadership. That was quite evident in this past election, but has always been true. For the United States to elect a president who happens to be African-American is a great stride. My hope is that in the future, race, gender, religion, sexuality...all those boxes we can check in census forms, will be obsolete in choosing leadership. I hope my grandchildren never fully understand the importance of this president, of these strides. We as a nation have a lot of work to do. The President surely can't do it alone. We must do our part, whether we like President Obama or not. The tone of the election, and now the Presidency, is change...we must change, we've voted for change. I will do my part.

Upon reflection, I am thankful for the peace that we have in the United States and am hopeful other nations will realize peace for themselves. I am proud to be an American and am also proud of America.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes, I can now look at an American flag with some pleasure instead of cringing.
We are, I hope, heading back to what America SHOULd
stand for.