Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dark Knight

We watched The Dark Knight last night. It was entertaining. Heath Ledger was phenomenal, which makes me even more sad that he is gone. I found it quite interesting how many scenes were lifted off James Bond films. The sky hook was from Thunderball in the mid-1960s. The show knife was from On Her Majesty's Secret Service from the late 60s. There was a scene where he was trying out his new gear which could have been a scene with Bond and Q from any number of films. Roger picked up on these cues as well. I wonder, though, if it is because I am so focused on finding those moments of intertextuality, and Roger has heard so much about it, that we pick up on those clues. I know that the makers of The Dark Knight knew about them, but wonder if the reader (audience) was meant to pick up on it or not. Hmmmm. If only someone would write a thesis about this stuff...oh, wait a minute...I am!

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