Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Directions

That seems to sum up this semester...being pulled in two directions, that is. Between the trip to Minnesota in August, waiting for the baby to be born, the election and now the holidays, I can't seem to get 100% behind schoolwork. It is difficult to force myself to get my homework done. I'm doing it, and it is good quality, it is just tough to get there. I want to get ready for Thanksgiving, buy the groceries, just feel the holiday approaching, but I must get these two Power Point presentations done by Monday. I have a thesis to write. I just cannot wait to take a break in December for our trip to Minnesota and North Dakota. I'll have to do some writing there as well, but there will be time for fun as well.

Roger and I bought a couple of Christmas presents yesterday. We even bought the tiniest tree to decorate (we might even bring it with us in the car to Minnesota/North Dakota). It is fun to look forward to the holidays...but, not so fun to bring it back to school. And schoolwork is where I'm headed right now.

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Elizabeth said...

Loved the list of persuasion speeches!!!
I can never convince anyone of anything.