Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Husband, The Star

Roger is a rising star in his field. He has been asked to help create ways to assess learning at a weekend conference in Baltimore in December (all expenses paid). He'll fly up, help create a way of testing the knowledge in children using hands-on learning tools. They'll feed and house him and then he'll come home. Great addition to his CV and I feel so proud that his work is sought out by nationwide associations.

He is also applying for professor positions for the fall of 2009. His adviser believes he'll get an offer from any school he applies for; he is that much in demand. Now, we are not betting that will be true, but hopeful we will be able make a good decision before graduation as to where our future will be. My heart swells with joy in finding such a talented and special man to share my life with. I couldn't have asked for anyone better (and I doubt I would find anyone better!). Roger's rise in career opens doors for my future as well. Our dream is to be professors at the same institution, live close by and walk to work together. Small dreams to some, but perfect for us. And, if it is a school that does not have summer courses, even better. We want time to travel together and see new places and experience new adventures.

As for me, I, too am working on my CV (curriculum vittae, like a resume for academia and medicine). I have a panel discussion tomorrow regarding strategies for success in graduate school. I will lead discussion regarding networking and relationship building with instructors and other graduate students. The value in allying yourself with the people who will help you the most is quite great. The discussion will also include time management, research and writing tips and maintaining personal relationships and personal lives. It should be interesting and fun. I am also submitting a paper for the global perspectives conference in February. I think it will be accepted and should be quite interesting for me. I've also submitted for a panel discussion in Norfolk at the Southern States Communication Conference in April. Lots of upcoming events, and I have one in mind for graduate students to discuss their current research. I love this life of academia and already feel such a part of this terrific and kind of intimidating world.

Oh, and we finally had to turn the heat on. We woke up this morning and it was 31 degrees...brrrrr.


Jessica said...

I think your dream of working at the same institution, living close by and walking to work is fabulous.

After our two years in VA, where we lived in Chesapeake, Mike worked in Norfolk and I worked in Virginia Beach, I was really hoping we'd be able to do everything in one community once we got to Texas. Now we live in Webster, Mike travels south to Texas City for work and I travel North to Houston. I cannot tell you how frustrated living and working in 3 different communities can be. My dream is for us both to work in the same community, preferably the one in which we live, so that we can spend more time together and enjoy exciting weekday events together. I feel like we're missing out on so much that Houston has to offer because it's impossible for Mike to get there by 5 or 6 because of traffic. I cannot find any job opportunities in Webster and Mike doesn't have an option of where to work. So here we are again!

My dream also includes owning a piece of property in a safe neighborhood of a bustling and vibrant city with a yard for the dogs. This may be dreaming on my part, but maybe some day!

Good luck with your panel discussion tomorrow and I'm excited to hear how everything goes with Roger's project and job prospects :)

Anonymous said...

I love it when you write in latin, CV. I think your goal is great. Your mother and I have been going to work in opposite directions all our lives together. Just to save on commuting would have been special. (Ha)
I am off to Washington DC in February and June next year for conferences. Have you heard of ISTE? That's the June conference. It is an on line center of IT education.