Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's Going On

Well, my sister, Nikki, had her tonsils removed yesterday. Mom is staying with her for the rest of the week while she recovers. Mom said it all went well. I'll probably talk to Nikki tomorrow. Mom will be having dinner tomorrow with some members of the Skophammer clan, including a very pregnant Elise. We are all awaiting the birth of our grandson (Owen, I hope). She is not due for another month, but you just never know these days.

My good friend Melanie is coming back to town tonight. She is staying with us. We are headed to Fellini's for dinner and hanging out around here. She has to work, so no late nights and no shopping sprees (darn). I cannot wait to see her.

Tomorrow, Roger and I are headed to the Shenandoah Mountains for some camping along the Appalachian Trail with Jennie, Pete and Jack. I am looking forward to sleeping in the tent with temperatures in the 40s. Cannot wait! We plan to do some hiking and just get out for a weekend. We'll be back early enough on Sunday to screen a film for my German film class. The Marriage of Maria Braun is such a great movie. I can't wait to see it again and I am especially excited to share it with Roger. One of the best parts of being married to Roger is the opportunities to share everything with him. I have found that things aren't as great (or as awful) until I share it with Roger. I love that aspect of marriage.

Next week, it's back to work. I'll be proposing a couple of project topics and furthering the work on my thesis. This semester all seems to be coming together for me. It is not without stress, but it will all work out. The search for the perfect PhD program is on. I am looking forward to seeing which institution will make me a doctor!

We are enjoying to lovely, cool fall weather. I hope that goes for everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, 40 degrees is good. I am off to the hostfest tomorrow (7am) to watch students watch gates and complain about older people who just don't understand... like me.
Nikki answered her phone Wednesday so I guess all is well. Yesterday she was sleeping a lot. It must be the healing process.
I am lonely without your mother.