Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Pretty much all Roger and I do is homework and wait. Wait for the birth of our grandson. Elise has been having contractions and could be on her way to give birth at any time. So we continue waiting. But it is a good kind of anxiety!

School is the same. Roger locks himself away to work on his dissertation. I am trying to finish some summer work so I can focus on this semester. I need to talk to my advisor about the spring classes. I need to talk to my thesis head about my progress, or lack of progress. I need to do a lot of things.

Teaching for both of us is going well. We both really enjoy teaching and dealing with the students. It is fun and educational for both of us. I will miss it next semester. I am hoping to teach again while I work on my PhD next year. Next year. Whew...time really flies!

Well, I will post the baby information as soon as I can. Soon, hopefully!

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