Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was just talking to some friends about things that can be found on the internet. Sometimes we just laugh and laugh at the asses people make of themselves for all to see. Educationally these can be shared in class to show what NOT to do, or at least what not to make public. The director of Women's Studies and I share laughs from the internet all the time. I like to call them asses with no class. I am sure you have all seen youtube videos and stupid blog entries and the like. There's nothing like making an ass of yourself for all to see.

The worst are the ones that make fun of people with disabilities. The ones that are purposefully funny can be great. I share them with my class whenever possible. Just know, as I do with this blog, that anything you put on the internet is open to viewing from everyone!

I'm still laughing at Sarah Palin videos...she is one of those asses with no class!

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Jessica & Chad Postel said...

Good luck with the new baby!! Hope everything goes well!!