Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks Dawn!

Another wonderful Wine Festival has come and gone (at least for me), and as always we all had a terrific time. Roger and I took the bus, which was fun and quite easy (and free with ODU bus pass). We didn't want to take any chances in driving after tasting so much good wine. We met up with all the people from Dawn's work. Our great friends (family) the Kidders and Kerners were there. We all stayed until the bitter end. We took the bus home. We were supposed to meet Jennie and Pete and Jack at Fellinis, but it seems Pete had a bit too much wine and went home to bed. I didn't get a chance to take their pictures at the festival and dinner was out, so Jennie and Pete are missing from the blog. We all had a great time anyway.Roger and I...aren't we sweet?
Jeff and Dawn. I wasn't sure Jeff would make it, but was sure glad to have a chance to chat with him some...and yes, Jeff 400 Blows was French, Truffaut. I was wrong.
The Kidders. What a fun family. I love them so much. Mike looks good. I guess the new place and the girlfriend are making him happy.

So, this was quite possible our last Wine Festival. I missed people who had gone in the past, but enjoyed every minute with the ones that were there. No pink hat this year, though...darn!

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