Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn in Colonial Place

We live in a neighborhood called Colonial Place. The streets are named after the original 13 colonies (we live on Virginia). It is a beautiful, mid-20th century neighborhood, with lots of large houses and interesting architecture. In the mornings I walk through the neighborhood, and today, found it particularly gorgeous. The fall foliage is stunning this time of year. I got my camera and went out for another, short walk to take a few pictures.This gazebo looks so inviting, and in the summer and at Christmas in years past it has been lit with twinkle lights.
These orange berries are everywhere this time of year. I don't know what they are called, but enjoy seeing them every fall.
I've never noticed these deep red berries before, but they are enticing. I don't think I should eat them, but the color is stunning.
I love the way these large yellow flowers peek through the fence. Again, I don't know what they are, but think they are lovely.
On my walks, I am often greeted by the barking of three basset hounds. You can see the nose of this one. They are funny to watch bounce all over their yard. I just wish they wouldn't bark.

I often see beautiful cats, but never have my camera. I wonder if they would let me take their picture anyway. Roger makes fun of me for talking to the animals on my walks. I love the community with them, as well as with human neighbors and the great outdoors. I have found that I am an outdoor person. I feel pent up if I don't get outside for at least an hour a day. Rainy days are a challenge. I love that I can walk to work every day. Some weeks we hardly even move the car, in fact it is in the same spot we left it Sunday night. We have to run to the market today, so it will move, but who knows when it will move again. Saves us a ton in gas money, while increasing my happiness every day.

I hope everyone is enjoying whatever kind of autumn they have right now. I know I am.


Anonymous said...

Your mother and I picked up leaves for the third time Tuesday. We like to remind ourselves that the leaves served us well during the hot summer months. No air conditioning needed. But the sad part is that we are in for our long winter. But like you, I like being outside even on cold winter days.
This autumn has been unusually long and mild for us. It is great to ride around and watch the leaves turn color. But yesterday was cooler and the wind blew at 40 mph. Now the leaves are ready for another pick up. Only about 3 more times and the leaves will be done.

Dellits said...

oh my gosh!!!! gorgeous!!!!