Friday, September 19, 2008

Not too much

Not too much is going on with us right now. Both Roger and I have found our groove for the semester and are getting some work done. Roger is diligently working on his dissertation proposal. The subject of the dissertation has changed a few times, but Roger thinks he's got it this time. I hope so. The extremely rough draft I read of chapter 1 is interesting and needed. I think he's got a winner. I am so proud of his dedication to his field and his passion for doing the right school and in life.

I am teaching and working on my thesis and taking courses. It is a lot, but I am managing to keep up and keep interested. I had been stumbling a bit, but have found my own rhythm for the semester. I am thrilled by where my thesis research is driving me. It is funny, you start out sure it will be one way, and end up changing slightly several times. I can't wait to see what I end up with!

We've been watching the new vampire series on HBO, True Blood. It's fun and odd. Roger and I haven't decided whether it is brilliant or not. A few more episodes will help us decide. Tonight we are watching Pan's Labyrinth. We've been meaning to see it for a long time and tonight is the night.

The weekend offers more work. I also am taking a load to the Habitat for Humanity second hand store. We'll probably watch a few more movies. I have to watch a film for my New German Film class...a real downer shot in post-WWII Berlin, in the rubble. It is odd, but German films are rarely funny. They may have some comedic elements, but usually are not in the comedy genre. Possible paper topic there, I think.

I guess that's all, see not too much. We are happy and healthy and enjoying our simple life. That's all I could ever want in life!


Elizabeth said...

Glad you are keeping happy and busy.
I'm in England for 2 weeks visiting family. Hope t see you both before too very long!

Dellits said...

glad to hear things are still going well for you guys!

Dellits said...

i was just reading your authorship are so smart about that's like you exist in a whole other dimension to see that stuff in the way you do. I love books and reading, but you see it in a totally different's amazing!