Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been playing with the background for the blog. I found a website with lots of patterns. It is kind of fun.

Roger and I have been crossing our fingers that the Twins and the Mets make the playoffs, thus the baseball background and the red and blue and orange and blue fonts. They both are close, so lets hope they make it. Of course, life in baseball is already good since the Yankees are OUT OF THERE!!

There have been 4 instances of armed robberies around campus. They have been late at night, but last night there was a home invasion and someone was shot in the leg. Roger and I are on heightened alert, but I am a little scared. We won't be walking around at night any time soon. I think it's safe during the day. I hope so. The ODU and Norfolk city police are supposed to ramp up security. Maybe I'll see an officer now and then. Good thing I don't have any night classes this year. The latest I stay is 7 and I guess when it gets dark, Roger will pick me up in the car. He is off campus around 1 p.m. every day, so we should be pretty safe. I guess that's the price we pay for living in a city!

But, enough of that. We are aware and will be safe. It is halfway to the weekend and I couldn't be more delighted. Fall weather is abundant, although a storm is coming tonight. And, we have lots of work to do, but at least the windows are open and the AC is OFF!! Next weekend we are headed to the mountains for some camping...that might actually be cold. Life is pretty good right now. Elise's baby is due in 5 weeks or so, so we are anxiously waiting his arrival. It is too bad we can't be there, but such is the life of students. I can't wait to see him in December.

Enjoy the weather and the upcoming weekend.


Dellits said...

i JUST heard about the robberies on campus on the news like 10 minutes scary...please stay safe....

great backgrounds..i've been trying to find some, but they don't carry all my info over...what site are you using?

Anonymous said...

About the campus doings, be safe and use your heads like you are. As for the baseball playoffs, I would rather have the Twins v Cubs. Then I wouldn't know which club to root for. But the idea of Chicago Cubs winning the world series every century has a ring to it. But the Twins have four more games to win and they are in. Go Twins.