Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nice Weekend

We have had a nice weekend. Friday's dinner at Luna Maya was were the margaritas, yum! We watched some T.V. and went to bed fairly early. Saturday, we got up and hit the road for First Landing State Park. We spend the day at the beach with Jennie, Pete and Jack. What fun! We all got a little too much sun, but enjoyed the beautiful weather and the nice waves. We cleaned up and met Jennie, Pete and Jack at ODU for some bluegrass music in the park. We enjoyed a couple beers while listening to the music. We then headed for La Herradura for some Mexican food. It turned out to be a good meal. Roger and Pete got some 64 oz. beers...whew, that's a big mug! We had fun with the Schriders. We hope to get together with them more often. Today, Roger is doing homework. I'm doing some reading for my thesis and laundry. I already went grocery shopping and will make some citrus glazed scallops and pineapple for dinner. Roger and I will finish our nice weekend with some coffee and Heath bar Ben & Jerry's. I love nice weekends.

My favorite guilty pleasure man movie, Big Trouble in Little China is on...YEAH!!

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Dellits said...

glad you had a great weekend and thanks for calling me was nice to hear from you and you had more info than I did :)