Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend. On Thursday, we ran some errands and began our holiday purchasing gas at a gas station in the HOOD. I was told by a woman high on something that I am a beauty queen and she loves me. It was sad watching an 11-12 year old sell drugs near the door. Let's just say, I am never going back there.

Friday we slept in a little, cooked and prepped for our camping trip. We also got in a round of Rock Band. We left for camping at about 3. We went to Northwest River State Park in Chesapeake. It took about 40 minutes to get there. It was a nice park. Roger and I set up our tent and air mattresses and walked around, waiting for Alex and Sam to arrive. They came in, set up their tent and we cooked dinner. Brats in Milwaukee stadium brat sauce. Roger and Alex together made a nice hot fire. We sat around the fire chatting until we were tired and went to bed. It was tough to fall asleep, but then it started to sprinkle. As Roger said, "There's nothing better than the sound of rain on a tent for sleeping." True. We slept hard. We woke to a beautiful day. Roger started another small fire and made coffee. We snacked for breakfast, packed up our campsite and went to rent our canoes for the day. We canoed through a man-made pond and portaged to the river for a while. I saw a snake in the river both times we were on the banks. I am proud of myself for not running to to the car and home. I did not, however, like seeing the snake...ick! We had a great time on the canoes. We hit the road about 3 and went home.
Alex and Sam at the portage site.
Roger carrying all the equipment. Actually, he was bringing it to me so he could carry the boat tough guy!

We cleaned up. Dried out the tent and packed everything up and headed to Fellini's for dinner. We got home and watched 61, and I fell asleep. It was fun camping, but nice to sleep in our own bed again.

Sunday we headed to the beach. We met Juliet at the 45th street beach in Virginia Beach. We had a nice picnic lunch and took small dips in the cold water. We got some sun, which was nice.

Roger and I saw the new Indiana Jones movie last night. It was fun, playful. Harrison Ford did a nice job aging his character, even making fun of his younger days. Of course there was a snake scene and it was funny! One of the reasons I like Indiana Jones so much is that this modern day heroic icon is terrified of snakes, just like me! I only had one complaint of the film, the stupid prairie dogs. Just because Lucas can add cute animals doesn't mean he should. They were toward the beginning of the film and luckily I stuck around. It was fun.

We got home watched the season finale of the Tudors and went to bed. Technically today is still a holiday, but we are back to work. Papers to work on. I have some papers of Roger's to edit. Fun stuff.

Happy Holiday! I hope you had as enjoyable weekend as we did.


Dellits said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! Bradley was really pooped from his week in MN and a long day in Williamsburg was too much to do him in..he was sick today with a fever and all...see you on Friday?

Anonymous said...

So... does your fear of snakes make you a modern day, although 1950s, heroic icon? If so, you have been my heroic icon all your life.
I like the idea of modern being my birth decade. I tell everyone I can that I am modern and this proves it.
There is something about play Rock Star, then packing up and "roughing it" all in the same day.
Great time.