Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to the Grind

Our brother-in-law, Jerry, made the trip to Norfolk yesterday. We drove around showing him the area, which wasn't too great as it thunderstormed, but we had a good time. He's still obviously excited about his daughter's national championship. He said the trophy was tall and heavy. We are so excited for her. We'll be spending a week in August at the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the whole clan and can relive the moments. It will be fun. I also learned that Patsy, Betsy's younger sister, and her cheer team made nationals and had a trip to Orlando and competed on ESPN at Disney World...good for her. Jerry thought they were ranked about 21st in the nation...WOW!! Talent runs in that family, for sure. And so does kindness and generosity. I rarely meet teenagers and young adults so willing to spend time visiting with their aunts and uncles. It is wonderful being a part of the Kettinger family.

Sadly, Jes and Mike leave for Ohio and then on to Texas tomorrow. I really wish we had spent more time together over the past year. They are really great people. Easy to talk to and we have a lot in common. Maybe we'll just have to trek to Houston if we are gypsy's next summer on the way to a new job in a new location. Luckily, it is easy to keep in touch with Jes and Mike through Face Book and the blog.

Now we are back to it. Working out, eating light, doing homework, writing papers, riding bike and all the everyday things in our life. We are going camping this weekend with a couple of friends from ODU. And we have a beach picnic lined up with Juliet on Sunday. Monday will be nice to just hang out together, maybe catch the new Indiana Jones flick. I do have a research question due on Monday via email, so even for the holiday, homework lives on.

It is a beautiful sunny day. A little drier than yesterday. Life is good.

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