Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged by Jes this time. I'll try to think of 10 more things (although it is difficult as I am almost perfect!)

1. I feel guilty every time I use a plastic bag of any sort. I just put sauce in the freezer in Ziploc bags and feel bad for not using re-usable materials. I try to use plastic-ware, but wonder if it is any better. Roger tells me of biodegradable plastic made of corn coming soon to an expensive store near me...yeah!

2. I can't seem to get a glass of water without cleaning up dishes and the refrigerator every time. Sometimes, I just want to get a glass of water.

3. I really enjoy foreign films. I like to read the sub-titles and find the meanings from each country. I am particularly focused on Spanish films, French films and German films. I like the Bollywood films from India as well. I get a certain satisfaction watching the films and making connections.

4. We are watching 2 historical series right now, John Adams on HBO and The Tudors on Showtime. I absolutely love to watch the historical points-of-view of each series. However, for some reason (maybe the nudity and sexual undertones) I enjoy The Tudors more. Partially, I already know US history pretty well and am fascinated by British monarchies. I think both impart a lovely fictionalized idea of history.

5. I am terrified of riding my bike in traffic. I once hit a car while on my bike and have been apprehensive ever since. I love my bike. I ride it around. I have taken it out to Suffolk, where it is remote and ridden alone a few years ago, but seem to find some reason not to ride when Roger suggests it. I need to conquer this fear. With gas prices and my growing concern over pollution and environmental issues, I need this alternative. I guess I will just have to take it slow. I know Roger will do everything he can to help me with this, mainly because he loves to ride bike and wants us to share that fun together.

6. Purses have become a problem for me lately. I love having the durability of good quality purses, such as Coach, but I loathe the advertising I would do if I had one. I don't want my purse to have labels and trademarks on the outside. This irks me. I don't understand the desire to spend $200-500 on something to advertise for them. I would gladly carry around a purse with the label if they paid me or gave me the purse for free. I know and love lots of people with these purses, and don't fault them, the quality is great. I just hope for a trend away from this labeling of everything.

7. I LOVE baseball season. I cannot wait to get to see the Tides. I have watched the Twins and the Mets already on TV. I love this game because I understand it so well. Both of my grandfathers and both of my parents are true fans. And my husband, well, he loves baseball season more than I do. I'm hoping to catch an ODU game or two this season. That would be fun.

8. I, not so secretly, love to tease uber-fans. Many of you reading this already know and have been the receiver of this evilness in me. I don't have a college team, so I pick on The Ohio State, USC and even Iowa(although not so much). I love to cheer for the underdog, that team that just seems to miraculously get to the finals. I don't mean any harm to Buckeye or Trojan fans, it's just who I am. Just ask Viking, Cowboy and Yankee fans!

9. I never thought of myself as the type of woman who would settle down and have a family. Here I am, I love being at home and cooking and taking care of Roger and our life. I would be thrilled to teach part time and be the support, stay at home, portion of our family. I am surprised at how much I enjoy this choice in life. Luckily, Roger likes it too. He supports my lack of drive to get my PhD right away and make a career for myself in academia. It makes for a comfortable family.

10. My whole life, I have loved getting the mail. I wait for the sound of the mailman dropping letters in the box and hurry out to get the mail. I know that often it is bills and junk mail, but that possibility for something great and/or unexpected is always there. I don't get disappointed when there is little (except around my birthday, June 10th*hint, hint), but get excited when something fun exists. I got a picture from my sister of her and her other classroom teacher the other day and I see it and smile. I love the mail.

I don't have anyone else to tag. I enjoyed this both times. I hope that you have learned more about me, Jes.


jc said...

Thank you for posting again :)

Also, thanks for including "The" with "Ohio State" --- capitalized and all! YEAH! ;)

I love mail, too. And our birthdays are only 3 days apart -- mine is June 13!! We'll have to find a way to celebrate together someday (too bad we'll be down south this year) :)

jc said...

PS. Unless everyone wants to come visit Texas in June and we can celebrate then ;)