Sunday, March 9, 2008

10,000 B.C.

Was not a very good film. Actually, it sucked! We saw it at the Commodore, though, which is the best place to see crappy movies. The food is pretty good and the sound is great. We went with Sam (from the ODU Speech Team) and her boyfriend, Alex (who is getting his PhD in Education and takes classes with Roger). We had a nice night out ending at the Bier Garden for some good beer, good conversation and really good laughs at the really drunk and VERY loud woman at the next table. It is always fun to branch out with new friends. We can never have too many good friends in life.

The temperature dropped 30 degrees overnight. So did the humidity (thankfully). It is a good sunny, but cool day. Perfect for making jambalaya tonight. Tomorrow we start our week of no classes, teaching or research work. Just homework and more homework. Hopefully, we will get a lot done.

We are watching the first season of "The Tudor's" on DVD. It is a lot of fun to watch these cable TV shows as they give their spin to history. Roger and I are constantly going to Wikipedia to look stuff up. It is fun.

Life is good. Everything is going along as normal, which is just fine with us. We have been working out and eating better. We want a long, LONG life together.


Dellits said...

i am paying for the weather, too....many, many sniffles, a couple of sinus headaches and some not so easy breathing the last several days!

AnnieElf said...

After my daughter and I saw this film, we went home and teased her dad that it was a chick-flick because, for all the testoserone, it was all about the hero's romantic quest. Husband/Dad looked at us like we had grown a second head between the two of us. LOL