Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am at work early and have a minute or two to reflect on what I believe brings me joy. I am responsible for my happiness, but I have found the key to finding joy. I surround myself with people who love and care for me. I find travelling with Roger a joy. I may have to work a few extra hours for Dr. Kerner while still handling my course work, but it is worth it not to feel as though I cannot contribute to our marriage. I love the idea that I support my husband while he strives to fulfill his passion. It makes me feel that our marriage is a true partnership which is very important to both of us. I am thrilled at the reactions from the Skophammer family. They have embraced me with open arms. Even Roger's daughter, Elise and I are forming a nice relationship. I enjoy being a grandma and sending Kindergarten graduation cards and feeling a part of a family. My heart melted when that beautiful 6-year old girl asked me if I loved her grandpa more than anything in the world. When I said I did, she said that her grandpa was very smiley now which made her smiley, too. I love kids, they say what is on their mind. My family has been so supportive in everything I do. It has been a true honor to have been a Schmid and a Kristianson as they are truly special people.

Roger's joy in being married to me is something I see every morning. He is truly a special person and I love him more every day that passes. I waited so long to get married and that wait paid off. This is the best experience of my life!

So we are off to spend the weekend with friends before settling down for school work for the rest of the summer. Well, until that special weekend in August when both my family and Roger's family will share in the true JOY of our marriage.

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