Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to Chincoteague

It is amazing what a weekend of fun and relaxation can do to get rid of stress. I have a 20 page paper due next week, but have a firm grip on my topic and know what I want from the library later today.

Last weekend our friend Paul was here and we headed back up to Chincoteague with Mike Kidder. We spend Friday afternoon at the beach and the pool before heading to dinner. Saturday morning we headed out deep sea fishing. We didn't catch any keepers, but I did hook a cow nose ray, which Roger had fun reeling in. Saturday night we went to Cogan's to celebrate my birthday and had fun. Sunday, my actual birthday, was spent doing a whole lot of nothing...just what I wanted. Roger got me some beautiful rings for my right hand...I love them. It was a special birthday because it was my first with Roger and he makes every day special.

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jes & mike said...

happy belated birthday! we'd love to hang out sometime :) my e-mail is if you want to drop me a line sometime as well. things are finally slowing down for us so we should have some free time once we get back from our trip to michigan this week! our wedding extravaganza is almost complete!!! yay :) sounds like all is going well for you and roger ---- enjoy your trip to GA and give tiff a big hug for me! i miss her so much!