Thursday, March 22, 2007


Roger and I have been working on our future careers. Last weekend Roger was at a Technology Education conference in San Antonio, Texas. He presented a poster to help map out his final plans for his doctoral dissertation. He spent 3 days networking. He found much support for his ideas and possible help with some of his research. It was a very helpful experience for Roger's future. In two years he should have his PhD in Education, specifically Technology Education.

Yesterday, I met with the head of the Institute of Humanities at ODU. I discussed my plans for graduate school with her and she gave me great encouragement. I am quite confident that I will be accepted into the program and will be studying film and its correspondence with literature. I have finally found a way to blend my two loves, movies and literature! If all goes according to schedule I will have my Master's degree in two years.

So in two years the two Skophammers will be ready for the next step in life's careers. It seems Roger will be able to choose where he will work. He will probably look into a University with research where he can also teach. That University, hopefully, will offer a doctorate program in English. Then in a few years ( I don't feel like doing the math right now ) we will be Dr. and Dr. Skophammer. How fun!

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Tiff and Jarrod said...

Yea! Drs. Skophammers!!!! Maybe some day I'll have enough energy.... or maybe not!