Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ending of Summer

The past two nights have been cool and crisp; not very summerlike.  I sit outside in my office working and feel cool when not in the sun.  The green grass is starting to brown a little.  The daylillies have all bloomed and died.  It feels like summer is slipping away.

I have never been the biggest fan of summer.  I never liked being hot.  As a teenager and into my early adulthood, I spent summer in cool spaces watching reruns.  I still do that some.  But, as a parent, I have found myself spending much of my summers outdoors.  In Fargo, we took RT to the park and to festivals and just outside.  In Boston, we hit the Swan Boats, the Carousel, parks, splash pads, festivals and we ate outside as often as possible.  This summer has been the busiest and the most outdoors for us.  The deck has helped.  We have spent hours out here; RT playing in the yard and Roger and I, and anyone else hanging around, would just sit and watch and enjoy.  We've been all over the Twin Cities and even outside embracing summer, embracing our new home.  I have been able to watch my son and my grandkids together at the park, splashing through sprinklers and screeching and sliding down the playground slides.  And I have been happy. 

Perhaps the sadness of hearing of Robin Williams' death or the letter from the school in the mail brings about this feeling of impending loss of summer.  I don't want it to end.  I know there are several weeks of outdoor time left.  But, there is school shopping and bus riding for RT coming up so soon.  I will miss this summer, as I have missed the past few summers. 

As for the fall, good things are coming.  I'll finally see Diana Krall in concert in Milwaukee.  I have wanted to see her for years.  I am taking a pottery class with a good friend from years ago.  I'll freeze my ass off at an outdoor Vikings/Jets game with another close friend.  And there will be Sunday dinners and so many more family events.  It is all good.

I see the pumpkin recipes more and more on Pinterest.  I see the Halloween (and yes even Christmas) stuff at the craft store.  I know fall is coming...and soon.

However, just now the sun moved just enough that I am in it and it is warm.  Summer is still here; no last hurrah, yet.  I'll hold on as long as I can...and enjoy!

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