Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday Adventures

This past Monday was a day full of adventures for our family.  The morning started out as normal.  I sent RT and Roger to work and went about getting ready for my day.

I was walking from the train to work when I saw a woman in VERY high heels.  As I am not really a heel wearer, I don't know how high, but HIGH!  She was wearing a suit with a nice scarf and carrying a nice bag.  She had a really hard time walking.  I slowed my normal pace so I could stay behind her...I was fascinated that anyone could walk in those shoes.  She took her phone out and started texting.  We have a brick sidewalk system outside of my office.  There is only sand between the bricks, though they are butted up very close to each other.  Her heel sunk into a groove between two bricks.  She twisted and fell.  Her cell phone ended up broken in front of her.  Her skirt ripped.  Her hand was bleeding and her tights were shredded.  She turned onto her butt and started crying...wailing.  A couple people in front of me stopped to see how she was doing.  She had a job interview in 20 minutes!  How do you explain that!!!  Lesson learned, wear shoes you can walk in on the day you have a job interview!!!  oh, and if you have an interview, make sure you air your clothes out after you were smoking pot--different guy, different day, different story, but still.

After lunch, I took my camera and my nephew, Luke's stuffed Minnesota gopher out for a walk around my work neighborhood.  I took pictures of him around town.  It was the Red Sox home opener.  Fenway is only a few blocks from my work (across the expressway, though).  I saw seas of blue and red.  The sun was shining and it was in the upper 60's.  The al fresco diners (and beer drinkers) were preparing the for the game.  The mood in my neighborhood was fun.  I had a great time.

But, then it was back to work.  After work, I met Roger and RT at North Station which is located underneath the TD (Boston) Garden.  We were taking Goldy the gopher to see the Bobby Orr statue.  As I arrived at the station, I noticed all the cars were filled with white guys (which is unusual) in Bruins jerseys (not as unusual as I thought).  We walked out of the station and into seas of white, gold and black.  Again, the mood was fun.  There were more al fresco beer drinkers, these guys not even bothering with the food!  It was a fun atmosphere.  We met a woman from Moorhead, Minnesota and her mom from Minot, North Dakota at Bobby Orr.  It was fun to run into those two!  We took more pictures.  RT was drinking it all in!  He loved it.

We walked into the garlic scented North End where there is an Italian restaurant every 10 feet.  It was fun to peer into the windows and see the wine and the cloth napkins.  We weren't feeling in the Italian mood, so on to Fanueill Hall we went.  RT and Goldy saw Paul Revere's home and a statue of Sam Adams.  We had dinner at UBurger, a local chain.  It was good; we had fun.  As is often the case, a couple stopped by and remarked how well behaved RT was at the restaurant.  He was wonderful!

We walked through the Holocaust Memorial on our way home.  RT marveled at walking through the steam venting up from the ground.  The clear glass panels with the names of those killed were eerie right before dusk.  I was emotional seeing my little boy enveloped in the steam that represented the gas chambers and realized how fortunate we are.  We had a couple quiet moments as if even RT knew it was something sacred and reflective.

The quiet did not last long.  We headed for the Orange line and home.  It was jammy time right away.  And then bedtime for RT.  Roger and I watched Game of Thrones from the night before and headed to dreamland soon after.  If only every day could be that great!  I guess every day is pretty great with a wonderful family like mine.

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