Sunday, April 15, 2012


Was one of those great know, the kind that makes you feel fortunate and happy.  The morning was wonderful, hanging around with Roger and RT, just hanging around.  We rarely do that, the three of us, and it makes for a great morning.  After a difficult time getting RT down for his morning nap, Roger worked and I read.  We had delicious smoothies.  We relaxed.  We fed RT.  We got ready.

We dropped RT off at Grandma and Grandpa's, complete with stroller and hat.  They took him to the park and for a walk.  He got to swing for the first time.  My parents loved having RT for the day.

Roger and I headed downtown to enjoy the 75 degree weather.  We had burgers and beers and walked up and down Broadway, popping into the shops here and there.  It was wonderful.

We picked up RT...he was sleeping on Grandma.  It was just a great end to the afternoon.

We had dinner and played and RT went to bed fairly easily...but, then he got up every hour almost all night.  We have no idea why.  That sucked!
Today, it is gray and rainy and we are doing laundry and cleaning floors...blah!

Can we just go back to yesterday?

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