Friday, April 27, 2012

Likes, Loves & Admirations

    That extra 15 minutes in bed while Roger gets RT up and together they make coffee
    Chocolate Chip waffles...RT loves them and I get to eat whatever he doesn't
    Watching movies on rainy days
    Clean, folded clothes that are put away
    Watching RT learn to walk in his new shoes

    When RT falls asleep in my arms, then stays asleep in his crib
    Having a personal trainer (I wish I could afford one forever!)
    More than 3 hours straight of sleep
    Pedicured feet
    Having my parents close by (I will miss them when they go back to Minot)
    DLB Laker Baseball team for helping Dad with the house
    Donuts (which I rarely have anymore or I will have to answer to the trainer!)
    A clean house that doesn't smell "clean" (thanks Method, Meyer's, and all unscented cleaners)
    Taking pictures
    There are many things that I admire, but when Roger is away, I am always in awe of single parents.  I have only one child, no full-time job and family close by and I still find it tough when Roger is gone for even one night.  I cannot imagine having to do it all on my own!  I admire all single parents.  I am thankful I am not one, and hope I will never have to be one!

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