Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday = Family Fit and Fun Day

Yesterday was a wonderful family day! We started the day with early coffee and quiet time watching RT play with his toys. We packed up and headed to the Sanford Y Family Wellness Center and pushed RT around the track for about a half hour. After that, we all got into our swim gear and headed to the pool. Grandpa Schmid was there for some splashing and swimming and giggling. We had a great time. The facility is so nice and is extremely family oriented. We couldn't have asked for a better wellness center and it is only 5 minutes from home! We love bringing RT there.

After we got home, RT fell fast asleep for a good long nap. Roger and I made a delicious breakfast and took naps ourselves. After we all awoke, we took a short trip to the mall. RT loves to look at all the crazy people shopping there. We came home, played some more, had dinner and RT had a fun bath. RT went to bed a little early and Roger and I enjoyed a movie and some downtime.

It was a fabulous day. I hope every Sunday can be so great!

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