Thursday, February 2, 2012

Procrastination with a Capital P

I have about 20 things I should be and could be doing right now, but feel the need to update the blog. While I write this I am thinking about my research projects and what I'll need, so I'm not totally procrastinating (just mostly).

We have been inundated with wonderful news lately. I love that. My cousin, Bobby, and his wife, Kristen, had a baby girl yesterday. She will be joining her big brother, Henry, in New York. I can't wait to head there again for another visit. I love the new babies in the family. I am excited that she had a girl, too!

I have finally found a positive direction at school, one that will guide me to my dissertation, I think. I have been searching for this since I began the program last August. It is a relief to have found something that combines my love for media (television) and my field of human development. It is still in early stages, so I'm keeping it a little quiet. I'm sure I'll blurt it out soon enough. My department is in the process of hiring a new faculty member and it has been fun being a crucial part of the decision making...well, maybe not crucial, but I do feel like my voice is being heard.

RT is enjoying riding in the car a lot more. Now, he has decided he doesn't really like eating and just wants bottles. We keep attempting to feed him, but not push him. Hopefully, he'll outgrow this stage soon. It seems at this age (8 and 1/2 months) his stages may last only a few days. He still doesn't sleep through the night, but we have adjusted and are doing our best to make the nights work and our days productive. RT loves swimming, though. He can't get enough of the pool. I can't wait for swimming lessons tonight!

My nephew, Bill, got married in Mexico to Jamie last weekend. I wish we could have made the trip, but our decision for me to leave my job and pursue my PhD is a budget breaker. The pictures I've seen look beautiful. It seems they all had a wonderful time. I have to admit, I would love a couple days in the sun. It will be summer soon enough, right?

I still have several friends and some family members with great news of their own. Engagements, babies on the way, babies recently born, dissertations in final stages, theater productions directed, new cars, new pets, and of course lots and lots of wonderful recipes and restaurants to try. Life seems to be good for everyone! or almost everyone.

Sadly, my stepdaughter is still in pain even after her gallbladder removal last fall. I hope that the diet alteration she is making will help with that pain. I think there are few things worse than chronic pain of any sort. She is working at a place she enjoys, though, and that likely helps her spirits.

The grandkids are doing well, too. I have been enjoying sharing text messages with Cassie over the past couple of weeks. She can be quite insightful, and always delightful.

I know things are rough out there for many, many people. The nightly, or 24 hour, news seems so grim. I hope that you all are able to find those moments of happiness and joy in your days. I rarely go a day without one!

I guess procrastination is over...on to research...

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