Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Blog: 9 Months

Yesterday, I turned 9 months old. My parents keep saying that the time is flying by! I guess it is. I celebrated by playing with Grandma and Grandpa in the afternoon. We had a good time while Mom and Dad had a lunch and shopping date. My grandparents are oh, so much fun.

I still love swimming. We all went swimming this morning. I just can't get enough of that water. If swimming is my favorite, then bath time is second. The other day, I tried to dive right back into that tub. Daddy caught me though, darn! If the water didn't tire me out so much, I'd be in there all the time! Maybe I'll be a lifeguard when I get older...hmmmm...

I crawl on my hands and more army crawling for me! I love to pull myself up and stand. I like to reach for things on high shelves and bring them all down. I get such satisfaction and joy when all my stuff lands around me. It is fun.

This is my first Valentine's Day. I sent Valentine's cards to all my Aunties and Uncles, and stuff to my nieces, nephew and sister. Mommy says I'm a generous person's probably true! I hope everyone has a happy time with their loved ones on Tuesday (well, everyday, really!).

My cousin Billy got married in Mexico. We couldn't go, but Mom and Dad loved the pictures. What a trip! They will remember it always.

It has been really cold. I have to get bundled up everytime we leave. It's worth it though to go to school and the pool. I can do without everywhere else.

We are all hoping that Cassie will make it this coming weekend for a visit. We have a long weekend because of President's Day. I wonder what a president is? I'm sure I'll learn it all later. Auntie Nikki is probably coming in a couple weeks. Yeah! I love to see my relatives.

Mom and Dad say we have no plans for any trips right now. Schoolwork is hectic for both of them. Dad does get to go to Chicago soon. He doesn't seem too excited for Chicago in the winter! Maybe he'll get to swim in the pool though; that would make it all worthwhile for me!

Well, it's snoozeville for me. Later all you peeps!

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