Monday, September 12, 2011

In New York...

Auntie Nikki working on RT's tummy time at the airport

RT was so good on the plane. He mostly slept both flights with hardly a fuss.

And still managed to pass out each night at the hotel...tired boy from so many adventures.

RT's first art museum visit...might as well do it right at the Guggenheim.

Most of us waiting to get in to the museum.

I love this spiral and how it ends.

RT is Mr. Tour Guide in NYC!

The Victory Tower at Ground week before the 10th anniversary of 9/11

I never tire of seeing Lady Liberty.

And felt safer than ever thanks to the Coast Guard.

Our first date since RT's birth...alone in wonderful!

My cousin's Bobby's son Henry is a mover. Just try to catch him!

Our family made the trip to New York last weekend for my Grandma Agnes's memorial. Most of us took a short boat ride in Northport and said goodbye. It was simple and nice. It was good to get the family all together. It was the first time since Grandpa's similar memorial. I miss Grandma like crazy. I do so wish she could have met the Rogers in my life. She would be so happy for me!

We got some sight seeing in, though not a lot. It was a short trip. I cannot wait to get back.

On another NY related item, The Jets beat the Cowboys...YES!

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