Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 8

I've been around for 8 weeks today. Next, I go by months. Time sure has been flying.

We had a loud booming week around here. I'm not sure what fireworks are, but my parents and I aren't big fans when it is time for me to sleep. I didn't see anything, but I certainly heard lots! Auntie Nikki, Grandma and Grandpa visited over the weekend. I was passed around and loved all the time. It was great. Mom and Dad packed up a lot of stuff. We are all, except Auntie Nikki, moving to West Fargo so soon. It is exciting.

I don't like to get too hot and it has been warm and sticky here. I like to be naked! But, I have so much cute clothes! Some days Mommy just doesn't know what I should wear. I'll choose myself soon!

I went to work today and flirted with everyone. I have the cutest smile!!

Well, the bottle is calling...later, my wonderful peeps!

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