Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 4

I am exhausted! Last weekend Mom and Dad organized and cleaned the apartment. They were getting ready for Grandma to come and visit. But, last week, Grandma and Grandpa had to evacuate from their house. It sounds like it was a problem for them.

Grandma came on Monday. We all had dinner and caught up before heading to bed. On Tuesday, we got up and drove to Minot. There was no furniture in Grandma and Grandpa's house. No gas, either, so no hot water. We hung out. Tuesday night was a tough one for Mom and me. Dad has been teaching at Ft. Yeats College and has been gone since Monday. On Wednesday, Mom and I were very tired and stayed low key, taking a long nap! We went to Jon and Mary's house for showers and a few minutes of television. Then we went to bed, and it was a good night. We got up this morning and headed back home. We have no idea when Grandma and Grandpa get to move their stuff back it. Grandpa heard that the water was going to rise again...YIKES! Mom, Dad and I will be back when they move back in; Dad has to wire up the stereo.

My big news has been the search for good formula. The first two weren't good. It seems I have problems with milk-based stuff. But, after four days on the soy stuff, things are good. I have less tummy pain and am able to poop more than once a day! I'm back to being my old cheerful self. Mom is very happy!

I have to get weighed tomorrow. I think I've gained more weight!

And, we are going to party this weekend! Mom is turning 40 on June 10th. She says she has everything because she has me, Dad and great family and friends. I think I'd want something fun when I turn 40, but to each his or her own!

I'm pooped...later friends!

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