Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 1

Whew, it has been a long, long week. First, I get out of this warm and safe place and it is cold and many people with masks are staring at me and poking me. My mama is behind a curtain and my papa is waiting to hold me. I get to meet my mama for a minute before heading to the nursery for what?...more tests of course. After being poked and prodded and weighed and measured, I get wheeled into another room to meet my Grandma Schmid. She and Papa are waiting for Mama to get back.

I get some special time with Mama. She is warm. She cries a lot. She shivers and shakes; I hear it is from the anesthesia. She had a surgery to get me. I had been stuck!

I love nestling against Mama's chest. I look at her. I'm not sure what I see, but I sure know this Mama. And every time Papa talks, I know him, too. I'm happy to be here.

My head hurts. I have a spot on the left and back of my head that hurts when it is touched. The nurses say I have a headache from being stuck in Mama. It hurts to lie on the left side or to be flat on the back of my head. I turn to the right to keep away the pain. I hear the pediatrician say I have a subdural hematoma, which causes my liver to work to clean up my blood, which causes my skin to turn orange. I hear words like billirubin and jaundice. The lab has to cut my foot and take some blood. It wasn't good. Mama is crying again as I get all naked and lie in a bed of bright lights, although my eyes were covered first. It is lonely in here without Mama or Papa or even the nurses. I cry and scream... I only get out of this lighted box for an hour at a time to eat and cuddle with Mama and Papa. This stinks. I have these arms that I don't know what to do with; shouldn't they be wrapped up to me tightly? And these legs and feet, what the heck are they for? Mama and Papa say good night and I am wheeled in my lightbox back to the nursery. Mama is crying again, and so am I. After a night with the nurses cuddling with me when they can, I wanted to get back to Mama, and she wanted me, too. She had to call Papa and get him to the hospital right away to see me. It was no fun being away from Mama for 10 hours. That was way too long.

I had to stay in the lights until late on Friday. Finally, I got out. I didn't think Mama would ever put me down after all that. My headache was getting better and my numbers were getting better. I was sure sick of having my foot cut all the time. Ouch!

I had many visitors: Grandma Schmid, Jill, Jodi, Great Aunt Karen and Great Uncle Harvey, cousin Harvey and his new bride Carey, Grandpa Schmid, Big Sister Elise, Brother-in-law Mike, nephew Owen and nieces Cassie and Delaney. It was nice to have such a fan club, bit it was time to go home!

And we got to go home. Papa, Mama and me! We rode in a car and I fell asleep. Mama rode in the back seat with me, which was funny. I was so happy to get home. Although, those two furry kid things were strange to me. I hope they like me.

I'm one week old today. I'm gaining weight and eating and peeing and pooping and looking all around. I want to see everything! Life is good for me, now. I hope Mama and Papa are elated with my arrival!

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