Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Roller Coaster That Is My Current Life

Ah, yes...I am in the third trimester. What does that mean? The baby grows a lot each day. And, where do you think that energy comes from? Mom. And what does that mean for mom? I am either exhausted or bursting with energy. It is hard to make any plans to get anything done. I'm pretty proud that I made dinner two nights in a row...of course, those two nights of dishes are waiting to be washed.

Sleep is something that I have taken for granted. It has not been easy to fall asleep and even more difficult to stay asleep. I know this will get worse...much worse. I'm learning how to deal with it. My cats like pets in the middle of the night, so this helps.

My emotions are also all over the place. Don't put anything even remotely sad in front of me if you do not want me to cry. I will laugh hysterically at things that really aren't that funny. I have trouble concentrating on getting any grading done. This time in my life is really up and down. My energy. My emotions. My concentration. My cravings. Everything feels a bit out of control.

And, we need to be prepping for a flood. Getting things ready for the baby. Doing some traveling. I want to see friends and family, but want to stay at home. I'm tired, mostly.

I have many more months of ups and downs; I am realizing this. I can only hope I am up for the challenge. Thankfully, Roger will be here to help...after his next trip to Wisconsin for work.

When I started writing this post, I wanted to say so much and it was bursting out of me...now, I just want to be done. That's my life right now...

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