Sunday, February 20, 2011


There are so many changes going on in our lives. My body changes every day. I do not look pregnant. I have not gained any weight. But, my body is constantly changing. My belly is hard and protrudes out. I can't wear my old pants, but the maternity pants slide down a bit. I have been wearing maternity clothes for a couple weeks. It is kind of fun to wear them. Other parts of my body are changing, too. My breasts are changing to feeding vehicles. It is such a strange transformation. My skin is also acting different. I don't have any swelling in my feet or anywhere else (thankfully!). I am starting to enjoy being pregnant. It has taken awhile.

I had been so afraid that something would happen and we wouldn't have a baby. I'm feeling pretty confident now and am allowing myself to enjoy the pregnancy. Yesterday, my mom and dad visited and bought our bassinet/pack and play combination for the baby. I can't wait for Roger to put it together. I want to see it and be able to play with it a little bit. I'm getting more and more excited to bring that baby home.

We are in the mid-semester slump. Teachers and students are both ready for spring break (3 weeks from now) and are tired of homework and grading. I've been front loading my classes--all the difficult stuff first and the easier stuff will come at the end of the semester. It is kind of backward, but that is important because if I have to miss any classes, it would be better to work the easier assignments online. I am hoping that there is no flood and I don't have this baby until school is out, but I want to be prepared for either. It seems to be working out.

Tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary. Our family is changing so much. We are loving and embracing those changes. Living in North Dakota, adopting two cats and having a baby makes for a very different Skophammer clan than even a year ago. What an adventure we've been on and will continue to be on. It's good to continue to have adventures...they are such an important part of life...a good life.

So, while everything is constantly changing, we are navigating these changes as best we can. We are in for even more changes soon, very soon (12-13 weeks, soon!).

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