Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Semester: A New Start...and Some Exciting News (for me)

I am three days into the new semester, and I am running behind. I know, I had all break to prepare, but things happen, mostly some back pain and the resulting ill-feeling from the muscle relaxer. I am getting on schedule. All my students have homework already, so I'm doing my job. They seem okay waiting for the syllabus and the assignment schedule. I have to work into the schedule possible flooding and the unlikely event that I may go into labor early. By Friday, all will be well with the courses.

I enjoy the new start a new semester brings. I know 90% of my students already, and enjoy that familiarity. I am excited to get to know my new students and see what they bring to the table. I did enjoy the sigh of relief when I explained that I do not lecture and that participation is mandatory. I also received big smiles when I told them my goal was to help them gain the tools and knowledge to succeed in class and get a decent grade. Evidently, that's not always true for Freshman Composition instructors. I like my students to succeed. I still, and likely will always, hate failing anyone.

As for the good news...well, it is mostly for me...the next James Bond film is scheduled for shooting and there is a release date in November of 2012. That makes me smile!

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