Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Parents

Thom and Cheryl Schmid. My Dad and Mom. I love them dearly. They have supported me through a lot--good and bad. They have always loved me. I love to go to their house...I feel so safe and secure. I sleep well and lots when I visit.

They are fun and both are extremely intelligent.

Roger's dad, Roger, is also a wonderful part of my life. He is the kind of father-in-law everyone dreams of having. I never met Roger's mom, Laura, which is a shame. All I've heard from the family is how wonderful she was. I'd love to go back and meet her.

Parents are important. I've always respected that my parents were parents, not friends. I see the difference and love them for treating me like their child, not their friend.

Thanks, 'Rents!

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