Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Upon reflection, 2009 was a terrific year for Roger and I. We started the year off with a beautiful sunny sledding day in Bloomington, Minnesota with family and some friends. My sister brought some kids who had never sledded before. We had a great time topped off with hot cocoa and spaghetti at Gwen's house. It was warm and cozy and a good way to begin 2009 and to end Roger and my trip to Minnesota.

The spring semester was busy for both Roger and I. Roger completed his PhD in March. It was so wonderful for his dissertation to be completed and for him to have a bit of stress-free time; although, not much, for he began searching for a tenure track position, which was not to be found. I had classes to complete and much work on my Master's Thesis to finish. I doubt Roger is in any hurry to see James Bond any time soon. We ended the semester with graduation--my parents and sister, along with Elise, Roger's daughter came for the ceremony and a huge party. Doug and Melanie were also there to share in the celebration, along with many friends from this area. We had a great time.

We took off for Minnesota, just long enough to do laundry and repack for Hawaii. Gwen and Trish, Roger's sisters, and Roger's dad along with Roger and I headed to Waikiki and Maui for an early summer treat. It was a blast! Can't wait to get back!

Roger found adjunct, part-time, employment at Old Dominion University for the summer. That was a very good thing since I had to complete my thesis. I completed my thesis and by mid-July was done being a student. Our summer was busy with grant work, moving and Roger's gaining employment with Old Dominion University as a visiting Professor for the 2009-2010 school year. I was also granted 5 public speaking classes as an adjunct professor for each semester in the 2009-2010 school year. We settled into an old apartment building in Ghent and prepared for the upcoming school year.

We did manage a short trip to Minnesota, where I got a new tattoo, the 007 logo, and we celebrated Roger's dad's 80th birthday.

The school year settled in and we found we enjoy living in Ghent. The search for a tenured position began in earnest in October. We walked in a charity 5k and found festivals galore. We were prepping for a fun weekend at the ocean front when Roger's dad had some health issues, including emergency surgery, and we had to head to Minnesota. We got to see our grandson Owen on his first birthday, which was a real treat. After finding out that Roger Sr. would recover, we headed back to Virginia to prepare for the end of the semester and the impending holidays.

We had a terrific holiday season, starting with a girls only cocktail party that I threw. Pink lights twinkled and pomegranate cosmos poured for a terrific evening with fantastic women. My sister flew in at the last minute for Thanksgiving with the Schrider's. It was a nice day with a cold trip to Jamestowne and Williamsburg on Black Friday--no shopping for us!

With presents bought, wrapped and shipped early in December, I could relax and attend several holiday gatherings...we even hosted a couple. That is what Christmastime is all about to me...friends and family. We headed to Minnesota for the craziness of the Skophammer Christmas Eve and were welcomed by a huge blizzard. After days of attempts, my parents were able travel to St. Paul for Christmas with the Schmid's. Cassie, Owen and the baby girl were spoiled as were Roger and I. We got a Wii and many other generous gifts.

We ended the year with a quiet dinner with Roger's siblings and a toast to 2009 and to 2010. Life is good.

We are looking ahead to Roger finding full-time employment, and things look prosperous. We are working on getting the house and our files in order for the semester, which starts on Monday. Things look good. I'm planning a trip to Minnesota to assist Elise after the baby comes, which could be anytime now. Roger and I will also visit in March so he can meet his third grandchild. After the end of April, we are unsure of where we will live, but know wherever it is, we will be happy and together. With so many things to look forward to in 2010, we positively know this will be a great year!!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!
Owen looks very cute.
Hope 2010 brings you all good things and maybe a trip to NYC?
Love the snow men backdrop.
all best
Bob and Wix