Saturday, October 3, 2009


My favorite month is October. In Virginia, North Dakota or Minnesota, we begin to see signs of autumn. The air is crisp and cool in the evenings and early mornings. The sun brightens the days. I just adore October.

I am roasting pumpkins in order to make a soup tomorrow. I love cooking from scratch. I adore the feel of pumpkin guts and seeds in my hands, the smell of roasting food and the anticipation of a delicious soup tomorrow, that I made!

This month is so busy. I can't recall a busier October in the past. Right now, Roger is in Nashville for a conference, but he will be home tonight. He says it has been a good time, as well as important networking time. I think he has enjoyed the music, too.

We will be moving to the apartment across the hall. It is slightly larger and has a much better flow...and a bigger bathroom. It is also away from the smokers whose apartments bleed into our current place. I am fed up with the smokiness and ready to get out. We have 10 days to move so it should be a piece of cake (let's hope!)

Paul arrives from Minnesota on Friday. He hasn't visited for a couple years, but we are looking forward to ODU football, including tailgating, and a possible trip to Monticello in Charlottesville. Charlottesville is my favorite city in all of Virginia. I can't wait to get back there. And each time I visit Thomas Jefferson's home, I am in awe of his genius. It is truly an amazing site to visit.

The following weekend, I am walking in the Susan G Komen 5K at the oceanfront. After the walk, there is a Oktoberfest, Small Craft Beer festival on the Boardwalk. Should be a fun weekend with some friends that we haven't seen very often lately. For the first time in years, I will be skipping the Town Point Park Virginia Wine Festival. Roger and I decided that we needed a change this year. The wine festival has always been a good time, but many of the reasons I used to go have changed. It has disappointed a few friends, but Roger and I must follow our hearts.

Then Halloween weekend will keep us busy. I am running/walking the Wicked 10K on Halloween morning at the oceanfront. Roger got us a room for the weekend so we don't have to drive all over the place. I think Dawn may get a room as well. I am hoping to finish in a decent time, but I am confient that I will finish. And that will wrap up October.

During the weeks, I will listen to 150 speeches and prep for the next assignment. I love teaching and can't wait to hear my students and see what they have learned. Teaching is such a rewarding profession. I love it!

November should be much quieter...I say that now, but we'll see. Perhaps a trip to Ikea.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! You are busy.
Hope the move across the hall goes easily - -less traumatic than moving miles and miles.
Yes, October is a stunning month.